Our Unique, Scratch Made Cakes are Perfect for Every Occasion!


Vienna Torte

Three layers of a Light Walnut Chiffon Sponge | Brushed with Grand Marnier | Filled with Crème Parisienne


Tiramisu Torte

Three layers of a Vanilla Chiffon | Brushed with Espresso and Brandy | Filled with Mascarpone Mousse | Dusted with Cocoa


 Ganache Torte

Three layers of rich Chocolate Cake | Brushed with Brandy | Filled with Crème Parisienne


Lemon Raspberry Torte

Three layers of a rich Lemon Cake | Brushed with Chambord | Filled with a Tart Lemon Mousse


Chocolate Salted Caramel

Three Layers of our rich Chocolate Cake | Filled with layers of Caramel Butter Cream and Creme Parisienne | Swirled with our Bakeshop made Salted Caramel

Strawberry Tall Cake

Three layers of Vanilla Chiffon | Brushed with Grand Marnier | Filled with a light Chantilly Cream and plenty of Fresh Sliced Strawberries


Red Velvet Cake

Three Layers of Traditional Southern Red Velvet | Brushed with Vanilla and Brandy | Filled with a Light Cream Cheese Mousse


Cannoli Cake

Three Layers of Chiffon | Brushed with Espresso | Filled with Traditional Cannoli Filling



Three Layers of Citrus Cake | Brushed with fresh Orange and Tequila | Filled with a smooth Key Lime Mousse


Tropical Carrot Cake

Three layers of Carrot Cake Baked with Coconut, Pineapple, Mandarins and Nuts | Filled with a Light Orange Cream Cheese Mousse



Let them Eat Cake!

You think it, we can create it! From elaborate parties to birthdays, showers and more, let us create the festive cake to mark your celebration.