Beautiful, Delicious, and Baked Fresh to Order!

Mini Éclair or Cream Puff Swan

The all-time favorite pastry shell | Filled with a light vanilla Chantilly cream | éclairs glazed with ganache


Opera Pastry

thin layers of chocolate almond cake, brushed with espresso, filled with mocha and chocolate creams, finished with a rich ganache


French Macarons

unique and colorful, these delicate almond meringue cookies are sandwiched together with a rich lemon filling or smooth chocolate ganache!  Just beautiful!


Petite Four Glace

a european delicacy!  Layers of frangipan, preserves, marzipan with a sugar glaze


Mini Mousse Cups

chocolate cups filled with white or dark mousse

Fresh Fruit Tartlets

A Light, Short Dough Shell | Filled with Vanilla Pastry Cream | Topped with Fresh Fruit



Layers of Light, Flakey Phyllo Dough | Cinnamon and walnuts, drizzled with a light honey lemon syrup


Macaroon Triangles

Chocolate Pecan or Coconut macaroons each baked with rich pastry base, finished with a chocolate drizzle


Mini New York Cheesecake

Individual cheesecakes topped with key lime mousse


Chocolate dipped Strawberries

Decked out! ..Tuxedo style optional

Lemon Meringue Tartlets

A Frangipan filled Tart Shell | Topped with Fresh Lemon Curd | With a Browned Meringue Rosette


Linzer Tartlet or Cookie

a traditional lattice topped hazelnut pastry, baked with raspberry, dusted with powdered sugar


Chocolate Covered Oreos

Our Bakeshop made Oreo covered in Dark or White chocolate


Assorted Truffles

A delicious assortment of decorative chocolate treats



Not your average cookies